Submission of Documents to us

Review/ Drafting of Documents

Submission with the concerned authority along with govt. Fees

 Tracking status of Application

Completion and Delivery of Society Registration Certificate



* State Level Society: Requirements

A suitable name for organization

Charitable purposes

Seven initial members to form the organization

Two Members (President – Treasurer or Secretary – Treasurer)

* All India Level Society:: Additional Requirements

At least nine initial members to form the organization

Two Members (President – Treasurer or Secretary – Treasurer) from one state

Other Seven Members from other seven different states

* Other Documents

Identification Proof of all Members and Governing body

Water bill or House tax receipt as address proof of Regd. Office of the organization

Two sets of “Aims & Objects of Organization”

Two sets of “Memorandum of Association” (by laws) of organization

Affidavit for name from the president of organization

NOC for office from landlord

Signed Authority Letter



Q. What is a Society?

A society is described as a company or association of persons, generally unincorporated, and united together by mutual consent to deliberate, determine and act jointly for some common purpose. The registration of Societies is governed by the Societies Registration Act, 1860. However, Registration can also be obtained under Section-8 of the Companies Act, 2013.

Societies can be established for the promotion of literature, science or fine arts or for diffusion of useful knowledge or for charitable persons.

Q. Why Society?

The registration gives the Society a legal status and is essential for :

  • Opening Bank Accounts
  • Obtaining Registration and Approval under Income Tax Act
  • Lawful vesting of properties of Societies
  • Recognition to the Society before all forums and authorities

Q. Who can form a Society?

Societies for various bonafide purposes can be formed by minimum seven or more persons, eligible to enter into contract. Besides individuals, following persons are eligible to form a society by subscribing to the Memorandum of Society:

  • Foreigners
  • Limited Company through its Authorized Attorney
  • Registered Society through its constituted Attorney