Application Preparation – A LegalVista FSSAI Licensing Expert will prepare your FSSAI Application along with the necessary supporting documents that needs to be submitted to FSSAI.

Application Submission – Once the application is prepared, we will submit the application to the concerned FSSAI Licensing Office and help submit additional documents or answer any queries.

FSSAI License – Once the processing of the application is completed by the FSSAI. The concerned FSSAI office will issue the FSSAI Registration or License typically with a validity of 1 or 2 years



Declaration Form

Authority Letter

Copy of Property Documents (if owned)

Copy of Rent Agreement (if rented property)

Food Safety Management System Plan or Certificate

Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter Card of Proprietor/Director/Partner

Form IX: Nomination of Persons by a Company alongwith the Board Resolution

Additional documents for Manufacturer:

Blueprint/layout plan of the processing unit

List of Equipment and Machinery

List of food category desired to be manufactured

Pesticide residues report of water

Production unit photograph



FSSAI Registration- FSSAI Registration issued by FSSAI is required for carrying on activities related to any stage of manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution of food.

License Categories- FSSAI License can be divided into two categories: State level License and Central License. Hotel, Restaurant and medium sized food manufacturers are covered under State license. Large size food manufacturers come under Central licensing.

Location Specific- A separate FSSAI Registration or License is required and issued for each location where food is handled. Therefore, an entity may have to obtain multiple FSSAI licenses if it operates multiple locations.

Hawkers and Cottage Industries- Petty retailer, hawker, itinerant vendor or a temporary stallholder or small scale or cottage or such other industries relating to food business or tiny food business operator are exempt from obtaining FSSAI Registration or License.

Validity- Once a FSSAI License is issued, it is valid for one or two years. Before end of its validity, the license can be renewed for a further term based on the requirements of the business.



Q. What are the guidelines regarding the FSSAI Licence?

The 14-digit number provides information about the manufacturer’s license or registration details and the manufacturing state.

The Brand owner shall display the FSSAI logo and his license number on the label of food package.

In case of imported food products, the importer shall display FSSAI logo and license number along with the name and address of importer on a sticker to be affixed before customs clearance.

Q. What are the types of FSSAI Licence ?

Businesses engaged in food activities are required to apply for different type of food licenses based on turnover, scale of business and the type of activity. Such businesses must apply for either of the licenses (central or state) or simple registration. The criteria specified in rules are as follows:

FSSAI Basic registration– This is required for small business or startups which have annual turnover below Rs.12 lakhs. Basic registration can be upgraded to state license as your sales graph increases.

FSSAI State license– This license is applicable to mid-sized companies which have annual turnover between Rs.12-20 crores.

FSSAI Central license– This license is applicable typically on large business with annual turnover above Rs.20 crores. It is also required in cases where you need to supply at the government offices or import / export food products

Q. How do I renew my FSSAI Licence?

FSSAI license can be renewed 30 days before the expiry of original license. You need to provide your current license number to LegalVistateam. We will re-file the Form A and form B for renewal of the application / license. It typically takes 30-40 days for renewal of the license. The government fee is same for renewal as for new license issue.

Q. Whether a common licence for company or an individual licence is required for each unit, if there are manufacturing units in multiple states?

You will need a Central License for the registered office of your company and individual state licenses for each manufacturing unit in particular states.

Q. Whether a FSSAI licence is required in case of import of food items for sale in India?

Yes, you will be required to obtain a central license from the address contained in Import-Export Code. For import-export FSSAI central license is mandatory.

Q. Whether a FSSAI licence is mandatory for 100% Export Units?

Yes, FSSAI license is mandatory for both export and import of food products. You will need to apply for FSSAI Central License for your export unit situated in a 100% EOU.

Q. What will be the FSSAI Licence formalities if warehouses are in more than one place but within the same locality (same municipality and same city) ?

Even if the warehouses are located in the same city but different location then a separate license for each location is required. However, if multiple warehouses are on the same campus, a single license is applicable with campus address.