Due Diligence



Application with Authority

Assistance with appearance



Submission of the documents by client

Due Diligence of the submitted documents

Drafting of Document as per the requirement of the case

Application for Freehold Conversion with the Concerned Authority (DDA, MCD, DSIIDC etc.)

Execution of documents by the involved parties

Assistance in Appearance before the Concerned Authorities

Completion and Delivery of Final Documents



Power of Attorney along with Sale Agreement (where Application is made by Attorney)

Lease deed / sub-lease deed / conveyance deed / allotment letter / demand letter

Possession letter / house tax receipt / Passport, etc in the name of person having the physical possession

Completion Certificate /  “D” Form (in respect of all plots and flats allotted by Co-operative Group Housing Societies)

4 attested passport size photographs and four attested specimen signatures of the person in whose favor the conversion is sought

NOC from the mortgagee(s)

Undertaking in prescribed format

Affidavit in prescribed format

Indemnity Bond(s) in prescribed format

Note: Copies of all documents should be dully attested by Notary Public / Gazetted Officer / First Class Magistrate



6% in case of men

4% in case of women

Registration Fee @1% of the total value of Conveyance Deed + Rs. 100 as pasting charges



Q. Who all can apply for Freehold Conversion?

  • Any person who is the original Allottee and whose name appears in the records of DDA or L&DO can apply for leasehold to freehold conversion. If there is more than one lessee, all of them will have to sign the application for Freehold conversion.
  • Any person who is a holder of power of attorney can also apply for the Freehold conversion by specifying in the application, the name of the person in whose favour conversion is sought to be done. If there are a series of power of attorneys, then certified copies of the entire chain of power of attorneys has to be submitted along with the application.
  • If the power of attorney holder has died, his legal heir can apply for the conversion process.

Q. What are the General guidelines with regard to Leasehold to Freehold Conversion of properties?

  •  Conversion would be allowed only when the residential building on the plot has been constructed and completion certificate/’D’ form for the building has been obtained. In the case of land allotted to Co-operative housing societies, conversion for individual flats would be permitted after completion certificate/’D’ form has been obtained by the society and possession of flats given to the members.
  • The conversion shall be applicable only for properties which are on land for which the land use prescribed in the lease deed/sub-lease deed/allotment letter is residential.
  • In cases of mortgaged properties, conversion would be allowed only on submission of ‘No Objection Certificates(s)’ from all the mortgagee. If the property has been mortgaged more than once a ‘No Objection Certificates’ from all the mortgagees are required to be submitted. In case of flats allotted by a Co-op Group Housing Society, it would be essential to produce ‘No Objection Certificates’ from the institution with which the property has been mortgaged by the society.
  • The land rates for different areas have been given in Annexure’B’. The localities for which land rates have not been given in-Annexure ‘B’ and rates of the adjoining/comparable locality would be applicable.
  • The requisite freehold conversion charges, and surcharge as applicable alongwith processing fee of Rs. 200/- are required to be deposited at the time of submission of application form.
  • The original lease deed should be produced at the time of execution of the conveyance deed. The same will be cancelled and returned along with the conveyance deed.
  • If the original lease deed was lost, the lessee/applicant must issue notice in a prominent newspaper having circulation in the area where the property is situated and also execute an affidavit before the Ist Class Magistrate indicating there in how the original lease deed was lost. A copy of the public notice published in the news-paper and the original affidavit must be submitted at least 10 days before the date of execution of the conveyance deed.