Due Diligence



Assistance with mutation



Submission of the documents by client

Due Diligence of the submitted documents

Drafting of Document as per the requirement of the case

Application for Mutation with the Concerned Authority

Execution of documents by the involved parties

Assistance before the Concerned Authorities

Completion and Delivery of Final Documents



Sale-deed / Power of Attorney / Death Certificate / Will or Succession Certificate

Application for mutation with Rs.3/- Court fee stamp affixed on it

Receipt of Payment duly registered by Sub-Registrar

Indemnity Bond on Rs.100/- Stamp Paper

Affidavit on Rs.10/- Stamp Paper

Clearance of up-to-date Property Tax



Q. What is the procedure for Mutation?

  • Notice regarding transfer of title clearly and correctly stating all the particulars
  • As and when there is death of the person primarily liable for payment of taxes, the person on whom the title of the property devolves, should within six months of the death, apply to the MCD about the devolution of the property on the legal heirs so that mutation of property takes place. The person(s) on whom the property devolves should be cautious in moving for transfer in municipal records as early as possible as there has been cases whereby some of the legal heirs got the property mutated in their names to the exclusion of others.
  • Whenever the transferees present the instruments of transfer, a letter may be issued to the transferor inviting objections, if any, in respect of the claim for mutation and consider objections received, if any, within 15 days of the issue of such letter. If no objection is received within 15 days, the property will be mutated in the name of the transferee, subject to fulfilment of other conditions.
  • On receipt of the application for mutation/transfer of a property, the applications/requests is examined by the Department in accordance with the instructions already in force and in case the application so received is in order, the mutation will be allowed within 15 days of the receipt of the application under intimation to the applicant.
  • In case of any deficiency in the application/request for mutation, a letter to the applicant is sent within 15 days of the receipt of the application by the Department and on receipt of the required information/documents, the mutation case be processed further and final orders allowing the mutation will be passed under intimation to the applicant within 15 days of the submission of the such documents/information.
  • In case requisite information/documents are not furnished along with up to date payment of property tax within the stipulated period, the application for mutation may be rejected/filed and intimation to this effect may be sent to the applicant. The application for mutation is generally disposed of in 30-45 days from the date of receipt of application after which a Mutation Certificate / Letter is issued.

Q. What is the Fee for Mutation of Property / Land?

  • Under the DMC (Amendment) Act, 2003, and the Bye laws framed thereunder regarding the apportionment of property tax on such vacant land or building among the several occupiers of such vacant land or building for the current period of assessment or for any preceding period of assessment shall be one hundred rupees per assessee for each period of assessment for each apportionment, fee of Rs.100/- is to be paid, along with composition fee of Rs. 50/- (wherever applicable).